Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Mon Ami ~ Mona Lisa

See her? Yup. That's my friend...well, her name isn't really Mona Lisa but, on my drive home from her house today, I've decided it's her NEW nickname. Here's why:

As I sat on Lisa's (yes her first name is Lisa) comfy couch catching up on things, she asked about my blog (as in: where is it). I promptly dispensed excuse #93 of "why I haven't started yet". Hey, ya know the dog really needed that 3 hour long belly rub and there are jackets to sew and dog beds to create and and and! Then, I got the LOOK. You know... the look that tells you your dear friend has seen through your story and she isn't buying it. It's a face of understanding, compassion, patience and whaaa?! what's that!? a S*M*I*R*K?? You...you mean you see through my skilfully crafted excuse #93!!? Drats. That's when it hit me. She had Mona Lisa face. Don't believe me? Take a look at the picture. Yessiree, that's what I saw today, no doubt about it.

As I continued my drive home I realized it takes a true friend to show you that face and a true friend she has been. If it weren't for Lisa and her amazing computer skills (a.k.a. patience with newbies) I wouldn't be on the web, I wouldn't have a site. This lady is the greatest cheerleader ever! Some people get a silver spoon at birth - Lisa got pom poms I'm sure of it. Her friendship is priceless and I will always understand that when I see her Mona Lisa face, well... it's just for my own darn good.

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